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Mohs Surgery services offered in Teaneck, NJ

Mohs surgery is a leading treatment for skin cancer that removes layer by layer of tissue to eradicate a malignant growth. Medical director Gangaram Ragi, MD, of Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center in Teaneck, New Jersey, received training from Dr. Frederic Mohs, who invented the surgery and has treated over 25 thousand skin cancers to date. For more information on Mohs surgery and to find out if you’re a good candidate, call Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center or book an appointment online today.

Mohs Surgery Q & A

What is Mohs surgery?

Mohs surgery is a surgical technique to remove skin cancers. It’s not the same as surgical excision, although it involves a surgical blade. During the surgery, your dermatologist removes a single fine layer of tissue from a cancerous lesion at a time. 

Your dermatologist examines each layer under a microscope to determine the location of any more cancerous cells. They repeat this process over and over until there are no longer any cancerous cells in the area. This allows them to preserve as much healthy skin as possible in the area of the cancer.

Mohs surgery has an impressive 99% success rate in eliminating malignant cancerous tissue and can minimize any scarring that lasts on your skin after it heals from the procedure. It primarily treats basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas but is sometimes used for melanoma. 

What are Mohs surgery’s advantages?

Your dermatologist helps you explore your many options for skin cancer treatment and can advise you on whether or not to consider Mohs surgery. The technique has plenty of advantages for you to consider, including:

  • Minimal discomfort with local anesthesia
  • An exceptionally high cure rate
  • Minimal scarring
  • Little or no recovery time

Mohs surgery is an excellent choice for skin cancers with a high risk of recurrence or skin cancers that have already recurred. It’s also often a good choice for large or aggressive cancers or lesions with hard-to-define borders. 

How should I prepare for my upcoming Mohs surgery?

Preparing for Mohs surgery involves a few steps you’ll need to take. It’s impossible to predict how long Mohs surgery will take for each individual, so you should plan on taking the whole day off just in case you have to stay at Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center for several hours.

To make Mohs surgery go as smoothly as possible, you should:

  • Dress comfortably
  • Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, and vitamins for one week
  • Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours
  • Bring a book or electronic device to occupy your time
  • Eat breakfast on the day of your surgery
  • Continue taking prescribed medications

Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center asks that you let your dermatologist know at least two days in advance if you need to reschedule or cancel your Mohs surgery. 

Schedule a skin exam or skin cancer treatment consultation over the phone or online at Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center for more information about Mohs surgery today.