Basal Cell Carcinoma

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Basal Cell Carcinoma services offered in Teaneck, NJ

As the most common form of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma is frequently diagnosed yet easy to treat. With options like Mohs surgery and cryotherapy at Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center in Teaneck, New Jersey, the team of experienced dermatologists can usually remove cancer in its entirety. Call Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center or schedule an appointment online for basal cell carcinoma diagnosis and treatment today.

Basal Cell Carcinoma Q & A

What is basal cell carcinoma?

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of skin cancer and typically appears on skin that has been repeatedly exposed to the sun. Ultraviolet (UV) rays damage the DNA inside your skin cells, which causes them to grow abnormally. 

Basal cell carcinoma specifically starts in your basal skin cells, which are the cells at the bottom of the epidermis. They constantly divide to replace old skin cells as they die and shed off. 

Your dermatologist at Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center can verify that a suspected cancerous lesion is basal cell carcinoma by examining the mark and taking a skin biopsy, which they can test in a lab. 

What does basal cell carcinoma look like?

Lesions that are basal cell carcinoma usually appear in areas like your head or neck, which get more sun than much of the rest of your body. Your dermatologist advises you to check your skin over for any new growths or sores.

Not all basal cell carcinoma lesions look the same. You might notice:

  • A shiny bump that blends in with your skin tone
  • A scaly patch of skin
  • A white and waxy lesion
  • A dark brown or black lesion

When you visit Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center, they can examine the new lesion and decide if you should get a biopsy. They might also encourage you to come in regularly for skin screenings according to your skin cancer risk. 

How is basal cell carcinoma treated?

Although basal cell carcinoma is one of the milder types of skin cancer, it’s still vital to book with your dermatologist the moment you notice a skin change, lesion, or growth. This gives you the best chance to fully remove the cancer with early treatment. 

Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center develops a care plan for you that aims to remove skin cancer in its entirety. Common treatments for basal cell carcinoma include:

  • Cryotherapy
  • Surgical excision
  • Laser therapy
  • Mohs surgery

Mohs surgery, a specialty at Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center, is an advanced technique that minimizes the healthy skin you lose around a cancerous lesion. This is a great option for basal cell carcinoma in delicate areas like your eyelids, ears, or genitals. 

Schedule an appointment over the phone or online at Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center for more information on basal cell carcinoma and its treatments today.